Thursday, July 19, 2012

Thyme Warp Martini

I've thought the name "Thyme Warp" was quite clever for a while and after discovering Farigoule, I was close to finding a mixture worthy of the title.

Although I started with pear vodka (which was very nice), I feel the more delicate flavor of the Absolut Gräpevine added a nice fruity flavor and highlighted the thyme better without overpowering it. It also keeps the drink from being too sweet - as does the ginger. Over all it's a nice delicate cocktail with a strong herbal thyme finish.
  • 3 oz Absolut Gräpevine Vodka
  • 2 oz Domain de Canton Ginger Liqueur
  • 1 oz Farigoule Thyme Liqueur
  • 4 Sprigs of Thyme
Chill an up glass with crushed ice and water. Strip two sprigs of thyme into a shaker and shake with the liquid ingredients with ice until it sweats. Strain into the glass. Garnish with two more sprigs of thyme.