Friday, March 30, 2012

Fluffernutter Martini

Molly's coworkers recently suggested a peanut butter/marshmallow martini. If you've never had a Flufflernutter sandwich, go make one now. It's magic between two slices of bread!

The ingredients are pretty obvious given the existence of both peanut butter vodka and marshmallow vodka. It only needs the vodka burn tuned down a bit.

How's this for turn around? ;)
  • 2 oz Nutliqour Peanut Butter Liqueur
  • 2 oz Smirnoff Fluffed Marshmallow Vodka
  • 2 oz Half & Half
  • Brown Sugar
  • Salted Shelled Peanut
Chill an up glass with crushed ice and water. Wet the glass edge and rim it with the brown sugar. Add the rest of the ingredients and shake with ice in a shaker until it sweats. Strain into the glass. With a serrated knife, saw a slot into the shelled peanut. Garnish by hanging the peanut on the glass edge.